Who we are

We are passionate game developers who played and built games all our lives. We founded Alta with the goal of creating a strong studio culture based on respect for our players, professionalism, and ownership of the work we create. We believe that it is impossible to create epic games without great studio structure and intimate communication with our players.

Tima Anoshechkin


After working at companies such as Rockstar Games, WB Games, Activision Blizzard; Tima decided to found his own studio and started Alta. Tima has a passion for innovative products and is excited about leading Alta into the future of interactive entertainment and virtual reality.

Favourite games
Sid Meier’s Civilization (PC), GTA (PC), 868-HACK (PC)

Boramy Unn


The creative force behind A Township Tale, Boramy spearheads the design and art at Alta. Since creating games at an early age, Boramy’s prime directive has been to take players on a tremendous personal journey.

Boramy’s life work is dedicated to empowering players to create their own stories and adventures in our games, leading to incredible moments and unforgettable memories.

Favourite games
Golden Sun (GBA), Dark Souls (PC), Legend Of Zelda: LTTP/Minish Cap (GBA), Super Smash Bros.

Joel van de Vorstenbosch


Programming and developing games for thirteen years, Joel leads engineering through building the technology, gameplay, and tools that bring about new possibilities.

Joel’s passions include procedural generation, flexible system design, and helping people to get into programming.

Favourite games
The Secret of Monkey Island (PC), Chess, Gloomhaven

Serena Hack


Serena approaches game development from an interdisciplinary perspective, and combines her understanding of art and technology to deliver beautiful and optimized visuals.

She likes eating plants, playing piano, and exploring her own brain.

Favourite game
Everything (PS4)

Timo Schmechel


With a strong interest in technology both in and outside of gaming, Timo focuses on developing server and cloud infrastructure to deliver and scale Alta services all around the world.

Favourite games
Age of Empires 2 (PC), The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (NS), Minecraft (PC)

Victor Nascimento


Victor holds a Naval Engineer title and has a Business Analysis background, but he found his heart in game development and graphics programming. He also has a deep passion for coffee and cake!

At Alta, Victor handles everything inside the engine from gameplay to visuals, making sure the game runs and that it looks lively.

Favourite games
Sekiro SoulsBorne (PS), Monster Hunter (PS), Left 4 Dead (PC), Journey (PS), Portal (PC)

Eric Compton


Incredibly passionate gamer, with a decade of experience in the game industry, including an eight year stint at Nintendo.

His experience with playing MMOs like FFXI while growing up shaped his strong drive for bringing people together through gaming. His focus is on creating memorable experiences and mechanics by leveraging the unique traits of VR through game design.

Favourite games
Monster Hunter, Golden Sun (GBA), Final Fantasy XI, Terraria (PC)

Tiarna Kilmister


Tiarna loves using her knowledge of traditional and digital art to help bring to life the colourful world of A Township Tale and its inhabitants. She also enjoys gaining experience on the way to help further grow and develop her skills.

Favourite games
Psychonauts (PC), Uncharted series (PS), Spyro series (PS), Last of Us series (PS)

Ivy Cheng


Ivy is a very passionate and enthusiastic artist who wishes to create memorable experiences through art.

With a strong desire to grow, she also values learning and taking on new challenges, all of which will help in creating better art.

Favourite games
>Overwatch (PC),  Valorant (PC), The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening (NS), Tetris