Our Values
and Culture

We put our job titles aside, and are all equals with different strengths. We make impactful decisions based on evidence, pursue what is universally best, and don’t let our egos get in the way.

Everybody at Alta is self motivated and empowered to be fully responsible for the outcomes of what we do. We encourage taking initiative, entrepreneurship, self-empowerment, and owning our own mistakes.

Alta is united by our commitment to our community. We constantly question and evaluate our actions to ensure maximum benefit to our players. We treat each other and our community with the utmost respect.

Everyone at Alta is empowered to speak their mind to make the best long term decisions. We believe in providing each other with informed, transparent, and actionable feedback.

Alta is a fast-paced work environment that favours resilient and adaptable people. This ever-changing environment accelerates learning and individual growth, moving us closer to our life goals.

Alta is a hugely diverse team, and we are all from different walks of life. We firmly believe in nurturing our minds, our health, external interests and rejecting crunch. Have fun: life is not about work.

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